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Version 2.0.2

Patch release for 2.0 that fixes incorrect behavior and improves the stability of the engine.

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  • Server crashes during startup with error messages related to threading 2248
  • Non-standard C++ code leads to crash when using certain compilers (e.g., GCC 7) 2249
  • Potential crashes immediately following an unrecoverable error situation when trying to report the error to the user 2251
  • Removed duplicate IWAD spec for Heretic 1.3 / Shadow of the Serpent Riders
  • Avoid special characters when autogenerating package IDs for data files (no spaces or double quotes)


  • More graceful error handling in Windows Multimedia audio plugin


  • Added build option DENG_ASSIMP_EMBEDDED to control whether the customized Assimp is built as a static library, or whether the system Assimp library is used instead

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