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Getting started

You have just installed Doomsday and are ready to start shooting up some zombies and demons. However, Doomsday does not come with any games preinstalled, so there is one additional step that you must do before you can fire up that chaingun.

Required game data files

You need to tell Doomsday where to find the game data files.

In practice, this means you must own a copy of one or more of the supported games, such as Doom II, and add its install folder to Doomday's data file search settings.


You can press the “Select WAD Folder…” button to pick a single folder where you have your IWADs (seen above on the left), or you can click on “Configure Data Files” to see data file settings.

Data file settings can be accessed from several places:

  • Game library: Mods tab menu > Settings
  • Game library: button at the bottom of the Mods list
  • Task bar: ⚙️ > Data Files
  • Game Mods popup
  • Dialog for choosing main data file for a custom game

If you have Ultimate Doom, Doom II, Final Doom, Heretic, or Hexen purchased from Steam or GOG, those may be automatically detected without having to specify the exact folder.

Hardware requirements

Doomsday 2 does not have particularly demanding requirements for the hardware. A five year old PC should be quite sufficient. However, the more complex maps found in 3rd party mods will benefit from a faster CPU.

The GPU is required to support OpenGL 3.3.

See Troubleshooting for tips about solving common issues.

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