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Version 2.0

The first stable release in the 2.x series.

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home_screen_v2.jpg Home Screen replaces the front-end app. The Python-based Snowberry launcher application was created in 2005 and has been used for starting Doomsday ever since. In version 2.0, the launcher is no longer needed because Doomsday's Home Screen (previously called “ring zero”) replaces its functionality.

Snowberry's design and features did not evolve greatly in its 10+ years of life so an improvement on this front is due. Integrating game profile management and all configuration settings into Doomsday's own UI makes for a more streamlined experience. Also, game profiles can now have direct access to all information that the engine can access, such as game title pictures.

Built-in support for packages. One of the launcher's key features was add-on management. This is now also part of Doomsday itself in the form of packages. Anything that Doomsday can load — WADs, resource packs, 3D models, etc. — is now handled via the same package management system. This enables Doomsday to track which files are in use in saved games and multiplayer games, and makes it possible to automatically ensure that the correct files are loaded at any given time. One is also able to browse all the available packages in Home UI and quickly try them out with a few clicks.

veirdo's Serpent Staff for Hexen New 3D model renderer. Doomsday's graphics code is undergoing a transition to a newer version of OpenGL1). Certain parts like the engine UI have already completed this transition, however the game renderer itself has not. In version 2.0, the new version of the 3D model renderer has reached a state where it is useful for actual gameplay. This new renderer supports FBX and MD5 models (among other formats), skeletal animation, GLSL shaders, and Doomsday Script.

Native 64-bit Windows build. Doomsday is now available as a 64-bit native build for Windows. The Windows builds are distributed as signed MSI2) packages so you can install and uninstall them conveniently and securely.

Many minor improvements and fixes. For example, the Shell utility can now control basic game options such as game type, enabling monsters, and current map via GUI settings. Information about servers can be viewed in Home, including ping time measurements. See the 2.0 roadmap for a list of fixed bugs.

Detailed list of changes

OpenGL 2.1 Compatibility Profile → OpenGL 3/4 Core Profile
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