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Version 2.0.1

Patch release for 2.0 that fixes incorrect behavior and improves the stability of the engine.

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  • Crash when trying to create a new profile when no games are playable in the game family 2230
  • Screen remains completely black after startup, even though console is accessible (randomly occurring) 2246
  • Long sidebars always keep their Close button visible for convenient access 2230
  • Directory selection box is not selectable 2223
  • Multiplayer tab only shows “unknown game” items after changes to Data Files settings 2219
  • Fullscreen “Quit” button doesn't appear until after unloading a game 2217
  • Window size forgotten when switching to fullscreen 2218
  • Test model packages should not be included in stable releases; now removed (net.dengine.client.testmodel, etc.) 2240
  • Improved handling of WAD files with the same name located in different directories


  • Preload all model textures to avoid stutters during gameplay 2224
  • Visual scripts for FBX HUD models not reset after entering portal 2231


  • Doom: Detect version of Final DOOM WAD files
  • Hexen: Crash in Deathkings map 8 (Constable Gate), going through portals while Heresiarch is attacking 2227
  • Hexen: Behavior of Repulsion Disc on mushroom poison clouds 911


  • Crash when running on macOS 10.11 or older (FluidSynth and GLib) 2242
  • Error about not finding Savegame Tool 2243

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