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Doomsday.out log file

When you encounter a bug or something seems to be malfunctioning, your first place to check for more information is the Doomsday log file called doomsday.out. It may contain errors or diagnostic messages that help understand what is going on.

doomsday.out can be found in the runtime folder.

When reporting the bug or posting on the tech support forum, please attach the contents of the log file. This will ensure the basic information like operating system, OpenGL version and driver identifier, Doomsday version and build type, game configuration and loaded mods are included. These details may be crucial when trying to figure out what is causing the issue.

Common issues

Problems with key/control bindings

The keyboard, mouse, and gamepad/joystick bindings can be reset to defaults to fix any configuration issues with them.

There are two main ways to do this:

  • When Doomsday is not running, open the runtime folder and delete the configs/<game>/player/bindings.cfg file. Note that each game plugin has its own subdirectory with a separate bindings configuration.
  • Alternatively: when you have a game running, you can open the console by pressing Shift-Esc and type the following commands:

Doomsday started crashing and even reinstall won't help

The problem may be with the persistently stored configuration settings. Try clearing the runtime folder or just deleting the persist.pack file. Bear in mind that your savegames are kept in the runtime folder so just deleting everything may not be appropriate — you can for example rename the folder to “runtime.bak”.

Low FPS / renderer slowdown

Since version 1.10, the renderer has been inflicted with some performance bottlenecks.

Version 2.1 introduced OpenGL draw call batching, which alleviated some of the issues.

Here are some things you can do to see what is triggering the slowdown:

  • If reducing pixel density or window resolution/size increases FPS back to 60, the problem is that the GPU is too slow. It might help to disable the Bloom effect in this case.
  • When in a large map you notice the slowdown (perhaps looking at a large open area), does the FPS significantly increase if you turn and face a wall so that nothing but the wall is visible? This would indicate the slowdown is caused by the renderer's per-frame geometry processing.
  • Does the slowdown go away if you don't use add-ons? Some maps have tons of objects or light decorations so rendering these might get expensive. Some texture packs may also be too large to comfortably fit in GPU memory. (4 GB GPU memory should be quite OK, though.)
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