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Doomsday has an interactive text-based command console that is available in all games running on the engine. The console can be used to change configuration settings and issue commands.

This page presents an outline of the basic functionality of the console and introduces some of the most useful features.

This article applies to 1.11 (or newer). If you are using an old version, see: Introduction to the console (1.10 or older)

Basic features

Opening and closing

To open/close the console, press the Tilde key (~) on your keyboard (typically found under the Escape key with most keyboard layouts).

The console can be opened and closed with the taskbar command. You can bind the command to any event you wish to use for opening/closing the console. Tilde is the default binding. (1.11+)

When input focus is on the console command line, key bindings from the “console” binding context are checked first. If a key is not defined there, it will be entered as text on the command line.

Word completion

Press the Tab key to complete the word to the left of the cursor.

Usage examples

Printing a basic introduction to the console using the help command (including a list of keys that can be used for controlling the console window):


Print a list of all console commands, with short descriptions of what the commands do:


Print a list of all loaded WAD files:


Print a list of all console variables and their current values:


Print help information for the variable rend-tex-filter-smart:

help rend-tex-filter-smart

Show all known variables, commands, games, and other items with a specific word in them:

apropos dev

See also

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