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Introduction to the console (Doomsday 1.10 or older)

This page describes the basic functionality of the console.

Basic features

Opening and closing

To open/close the console, press the Tilde key (~) on your keyboard (typically found under the Escape key with most keyboard layouts). This key can be easily changed from the Control Panel GUI (or by changing the variable con-key-activate).

Word completion

Press the Tab key to complete the word to the left of the cursor.

Usage examples

Printing a basic introduction to the console using the help command (including a list of keys that can be used for controlling the console window):


Print a list of all console commands, with short descriptions of what the commands do (using the listcmds command):


Print a list of all loaded WAD files (using the listfiles command):


Print a list of all console variables and their current values (using the listvars command):


Print help information for the variable rend-tex-filter-smart (using the help command):

help rend-tex-filter-smart
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