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Version 1.12.1

Patch release for 1.12 that improves the stability of the engine and fixes some incorrect behavior.

Source GitHub


  • Updater: When an update is available, only the small notification icon is shown (indicator is yellow when an update is available; white when a check is ongoing) — this way normal usage is no longer interrupted forcibly due to a popup dialog
  • Task Bar: Added toggle for sound-overlap-stop to Audio Settings: when enabled, only one sound is allowed per emitter (like in the original games)
  • Console: Autocompletion popup can be reshown by pressing Tab again after it has been dismissed


  • Hexen: Oversized hub ending texts now scaled smaller
  • Hexen: Fatal error due to trying to load a malformed savegame under certain circumstances
  • Console: Autocompletion popup's scrollbar indicator is more visible
  • Builder: Compiling the Doomsday Server for Raspberry Pi (however, the client is not supported presently)

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