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Version 1.12

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In 1.12 we are continuing to build on the big changes introduced in 1.11: new UI framework and internal map data improvements. The old control panel has been removed with new functionality being added to the task bar.


id Tech 1 map hacks support. Several types of map hacks are now supported in Doomsday and maps that employ these techniques are rendered correctly. Map hacks are detected dynamically and so react accordingly to runtime map changes (e.g., using XG). Supported hacks include “deep water”, “self-referencing sector” and “fake 3D bridge”.

update_download.jpg Revised automatic updater UI. The automatic updater now uses Doomsday's own UI framework to fully integrate into the rest of the interface. Downloads occur in the background and one can keep playing until the update is ready for installation. There are no more forced switches to windowed mode.

new_settings.jpg New config menu and settings dialogs. The old control_panel has been replaced with new configuration menus and dialogs that open directly from the task_bar. It is also easily possible to reset each group of settings to their default values. (Previously, the only way to reset anything to defaults was to manually erase the corresponding values from the .cfg files.)

sidebar_editor.jpg Renderer Appearance sidebar editor. There is now a new UI for configuring how the game world appears. A new Renderer Appearance sidebar editor replaces the control_panel's several pages of obscure renderer settings, allowing one to see the effect of each setting immediately. When fine-tuning the settings, one can keep playing and switch between adjustments and gameplay effortlessly.

Fine-tuned renderer default settings. Thanks to the sidebar editor, we've now fine-tuned some of the existing renderer default values for an improved appearance. Simply select the “Defaults (built-in)” appearance, or reset your custom profile(s) to the default values.

appearance_profiles.jpg Built-in appearance profiles. The “Vanilla” and “Amplified” built-in appearance profiles can either be used directly to easily modify the appearance of the renderer, or they can act as the base for your own custom configuration. “Vanilla” attempts to replicate the original DOOM appearance as closely as possible, while “Amplified” exaggerates effects slightly for a more striking, unrealistic appearance.

script_mode.jpg Interactive Doomsday Script mode. The console command line can be toggled into Doomsday Script mode. However, in this release, this does not provide much value as there aren't yet that many Doomsday Script bindings for engine functionality.

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If you are upgrading an existing installation of Doomsday, note the following:

  • Your current renderer cvars will be stored into a Renderer Appearance profile called “Custom”.
  • To allow automatic downloads of updates in the background, enable the “Download automatically” option in Updater Settings.

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