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This article lists the important changes in doomsday_version_1.12.

Fixed bugs

  • Light decorations disappear instantly at distance.
  • Malfunctioning secondary lens flare dimming.
  • Font selection of the thinker indices debug visual.



  • Display mode changes no longer cause the game window's input focus to be lost, which would pause the game.


  • Doom: Icon of Sin explosions deal no damage/spawned at incorrect height.
  • Doom: Behavior of sector type 10 “close in 30 seconds” (return to original height).
  • Hexen: Player spawning under 3D bridge object failed.
  • XG: Erroneous attempt to allocate dummy map line sides via DMU.


  • The default value of msg-echo was corrected to 1.


New features and changes

  • Performance improvements and bug fixes in the UI framework.
  • Introduced an abstract data model to allow data to be used more flexibly with several instances or types of widget.
  • New widget: on/off toggle. It is now used in various places to modify the values of script variables and cvars.
  • New widget: choice. Allows selecting one item from a collection of items.
  • New widget: slider. Picks a numerical value within a range.
  • New widget: dialog. Modal or non-modal popup for presenting information or making choices.
  • Replaced old busy mode indicator screen with a BusyWidget. This allows using the same UI element elsewhere, e.g., in the update download dialog.
  • Background tasks (multithreading) is now taken advantage of when processing text for drawing in the UI framework. Also improved wrapping of text using tab stops.
  • Added an About dialog that displays information about the installed version of the engine and current GL and audio configurations.
  • Added new settings dialogs for video, color, audio, input and updater settings.
  • Several settings for advanced/developer use (ID indicators, special texturing modes, etc.) are now easily accessible via the “gauge” popups in the renderer and audio settings dialogs.
  • Settings can be reset to defaults by group.
  • The old control_panel was removed.
  • Added a GUI editor for the renderer's appearance settings. The editor opens in a sidebar next to the game view.
  • Renderer appearance profiles: choose from the set of built-in profiles or customize your own. Profiles work independently of the loaded game plugin.
  • When opening the log for the first time, don't waste time scrolling through all the messages since launch.
  • Windows: Open Sans is used as the UI font.


  • When the task_bar is dismissed, the current contents of the console command line are saved in the command history.
  • console command line autocompletion (when pressing the Tab key) shows a popup with all the possible completions. Console variables are listed with current values and commands with a brief description.
  • Adjusted autocompletion behavior: the popup will only open if there is nothing unambiguous to add to the command line.
  • Key modifiers can be used for word jumping.
  • The command line can be toggled into doomsday_script mode.
  • Added the command rendedit to open the Renderer Appearance editor sidebar.
  • Improved the command help to list autocompletion and log navigation shortcuts (with platform appropriate Unicode characters).


  • Upgraded to Qt 4.8.5.


  • Redesigned automatic updater's UI using Doomsday's own UI framework.
  • Update notifications do not force a switch to windowed mode any more.
  • Option to download updates automatically when they become available.


  • Input Settings: by default the sensitivities of the X and Y axes are linked together so one doesn't have to carefully make sure both are the same.


  • Use sector cluster granularity for environmental audio. Sectors comprised of multiple disjoint geometry groups now use independent environmental audio characteristics.
  • Deferred calculation of environmental audio characteristics until necessary. The BSP leaf blockmap is used to accelerate the task.


  • Built-in appearance profiles: Vanilla, Defaults, and Amplified.
  • In widescreen views, the FOV angle is now less dependent on the view width. This allows using the same FOV angle with both traditional 4:3 and widescreen views.
  • Added BSP leaf clustering for the support of id Tech 1 map hacks. Revised map geometry generation and dynamic lighting to work at cluster level using the half-edge data structure.
  • Added sector plane mapping and separate physical/visual planes for clusters. Used in the support of id Tech 1 map hacks.
  • Batched surface redecoration by material and addressed associated performance bottlenecks.
  • Deferred initialization of Bias lighting data until necessary and improved deallocation mechanism for faster shutdown. Also, significantly reduced memory requirements through reformatting.
  • Bias light sources in the void are dynamically occluded.
  • Added cvar rend-dev-sector-show-indices, enable drawing of sector indices for visual BSP builder debugging.


  • Further streamlined map data elements, removing unused functionality and reducing memory requirements.


  • Console: Pressing Tab will print a list of possible completions for the current word.


  • Added configuration for the application. Imported by config_module. The client-specific configuration variables were moved to the new script.

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  • Added cvar map-title-position for controlling if the map title is positioned at the top or bottom of the view when the automap is open.
  • Position the message log below map title when visible.



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