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Version 1.10

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The most prominent changes in version 1.10 are about improving multiplayer: there is now a new utility called Shell for operating servers and several multiplayer-related bugs have been fixed.

However, even more work has been done under the hood: we've been building the foundations of our next-generation UI framework and enhancing the management of surface materials in preparation for future work on the map renderer. Also, in this release we've completed a couple of important long-term roadmap items: the running_a_server is now its own independent executable and we've cleaned up the runtime public interfaces of the engine.

Prompted by the accelerating speed of development and how impactful the changes have been recently, in this release we bump the minor version number for the first time in many years.


  • New tool added: Shell.
  • The server is now a separate, independent executable that has no GUI dependencies.
  • public servers (that are listed on the master_server) are now required to have a shell_password.
  • Consolidated the materials system to include animations as part of a material.
  • Fixed several multiplayer bugs.

Progress on roadmap



  • scripted_ui: began work on next-gen UI widget framework, restructured engine UI to use the UI widgets in each game window for drawing and updating the UI


If you are upgrading an existing installation of Doomsday, note the following:

  • Snowberry: The option for launching as a dedicated server has been removed. Instead, servers should be started using the new Doomsday shell application.
  • Mac OS X: The installation disk now has an installer .pkg instead of Doomsday The autoupdater in old versions does not know how to handle it, so a manual upgrade is needed.

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