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This article lists the important changes in doomsday_version_1.10.

Fixed bugs


  • Savegame: Interpretation error deserializing material archive version #0.
  • Savegame: Interpretation error deserializing invalid material references.
  • XG: Broken material change line types which specify the material in their definition.
  • XG: Broken line types (using line_tagged references).
  • XG: Intermittent read access violation.
  • Heretic: Errant Firemace spawning/repositioning.
  • Hexen: Missing map cluster ending intermissions (e.g., after Seven Portals).
  • Hexen|in_fine: "If" conditions for checking player class were malfunctioning.


  • Player's weapon disappears after completing a map and beginning another.
  • Kill, item, and secret counts during (co-op) intermission: the server was not sending the map's total kill, item and secret counts, which meant the client was unable to calculate the proper statistics.
  • Assign the first start spot to the first client (player number 1), instead of player number 0 like in single-player games.
  • Sounds emitted by wall surfaces (e.g., when triggering a switch). The network protocol was updated to include a new type of message for these sounds (making old clients incompatible with new servers).
  • Client's view color filter is appropriately cleared when connecting to a server.
  • Heretic|Hexen: Torch powerup is now rendered correctly on the client.
  • Heretic|Hexen: Status bar life gem colors did not match the actual player colors.
  • Heretic: Server defaults to E1M1 (server-game-map = 0).
  • Heretic: Activating the Wings of Wrath in multiplayer did not cause player to raise into air.
  • Hexen: Client was not notified when a key was picked up; status bar not updated on client-side.
  • Hexen: When server restores a player's weapons during respawn, it will now inform the client of the newly activated weapon. Previously the client displayed the incorrect weapon.
  • Hexen: Some of Cleric's and Mage's weapon effects were being duplicated on client.
  • Hexen: Sound sequences were not being played (e.g., door creak, moving platforms).


  • Console: GL_TEXTURE stack underflow with con-background-turn.
  • Control Panel: Mouse cursor drawn when mouse not trapped.
  • Bias Lighting: Inconsistent light source color ⇒ wall surface attribution.
  • Map: Fatal error with rend-tex = 2.
  • Map: Fatal error with rend-dev-mobj-bbox.
  • Map: “Missing” material not always assigned.


  • Definitions: dd_defns lumps in Wads not processed.
  • Erroneous repeated percent-encoding of resource URIs in in_fine scripts.
  • Hexen: Added values.ded, with values defined for the amount of mana to be given to players when they respawn in multiplayer games.
  • Unix: File paths are processed so that Windows path separators are changed to Doomsday's internal separators. Fixes issues locating files inside resource packs.


  • Load configured initial language before setting up UI.
  • Retranslate list box columns when language changes.

New features and changes

  • Any transition from busy mode (e.g., loading a map) to gameplay no longer forces game time to be frozen. Instead, the game-pause-mapstart-tics variable controls how long the game is paused at the start of a map (by default, in Doom, it matches the busy mode transition effect's duration).


  • Increased maximum number of sound channels to 256 (from 64), e.g., sfxchan 256.


  • id Tech 1 texture/flat animations are interpreted as animated material layer stages (rather than sequences of single-frame materials).
  • Context specific animation states, allowing multiple versions of a material to animate independently (e.g., despite the game being paused, the version of a material used for UI displays will continue).
  • Stage animation mechanism for light decorations that works independently from layer stages (allowing each decoration to be animated with it's own timing).


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