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<noinclude> Snowberry|1.2|||||| Snowberry|1.1|1.2|1.3

There is a huge list of changes for this release, as one can expect after a 7 month development period. Specifically:

  • A large number of UI and appearance tweaks.
  • The UI is more customizable than before, for example it is possible to replace the profile list with a simple dropdown list, to achieve smaller window size.
  • Substantial performance improvements.


Do not install over 1.1 or a release older than that. You will more than likely face strange problems if you do. If you want to retain your old 1.1 installation, just install 1.2 into a new folder.

On Mac OS X and Linux/Unix, Snowberry now uses a different user home folder. On Mac OS X it is ~/Library/Application Support/Doomsday Engine and on Unix it is ~/.deng. If you have an existing Snowberry user home folder, you might consider copying its contents over to the new home folder.

A note about addons installed using the Addon Installer: since they are stored in your Snowberry folder, you will probably either want to manually copy them over to the new Snowberry home folder, or use the Addon Installer to install them from the old location.</noinclude>


  • Manifests placed in the user addon folders are read as well.
  • Fix Snowberry exceptions where the “C++ part of the ListBox object has been deleted”.
  • Fix Snowberry exception handling in the case where profile restore() throws an exception (“NoneType” has no attribute “getValue”).
  • Custom options field is appended unquoted to the command line.
  • Addon identifiers are formed so that they don't contain any reserved characters (spaces, parentheses).
  • Fixed incorrectly detected 2002ado.wad.
  • Fixed handling of an undefined game component in a profile.
  • Fixed handling of a zero value in a number field.
  • Help panel width correctly restored from window.conf.
  • Window position saved to window.conf.
  • Default window position is in the center of the screen.


  • Default appearance simplified: no superfluous icons, title bars, popup menus.
  • New logo graphics.
  • English language updated with more accessible terminology: e.g., “Shared Settings” instead of “Defaults” profile, and “My Addon Folders” instead of “Custom Addon Folders”.
  • When upgrading to Snowberry 1.2, some of the UI settings are automatically reset to the new defaults.
  • Replaced Menu button with a real menu bar (also has keyboard shortcuts).
  • Folders can be added to custom addon folders in the Addon Installer.
  • Addon Inspector polished.
  • Largest Python source modules split into smaller ones and put into packages for better maintainability.
  • Snowberry user home folders changed. In Windows you can enable the home folder by starting Snowberry.exe with the -home option. Your profiles and other files will then be saved to My Documents\Doomsday Frontend. By default, however, your profiles are saved under the snowberry folder in the location you installed Doomsday in.
  • Plugin bundle structure improved so that the Python modules of the plugin are stored inside a Python package, which has its own namespace. See example.plugin in the repository for an example.

New features

  • Redesigned Addons tab for better addon browsing and overall performance
  • Refresh button added to the Addons tab, which reloads all addons.
  • Help → Snowberry Help (F1, Cmd-?) opens the Snowberry DEW main page in a browser.
  • Setup Wizard tells user of unlaunchable profiles, the ones where no IWAD has been specified.
  • It is possible to hide the profile list control buttons (+, -, Dup).
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