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Version 1.14

Version 1.14 focuses on UI improvements and adds bloom as a new rendering effect. Under the hood we've also been busy with new savegame related functionality.

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New post-processing effect for “bloom”, enhancing the overall lighting fidelity by applying an additional glow to bright areas of the frame. The bloom effect is enabled in the Defaults and Amplified appearance profiles.



Home Screen

An improved Home Screen (formerly called Ring Zero) allowing you to browse, load and inspect ongoing multiplayer and available savegames, in addition to singleplayer games. This is where you'll end up without a game being loaded and what will eventually evolve into a full snowberry replacement.

The user home screen settings are remembered, including the configuration of your game groupings for next time.


  • Game groups, filtering & sorting. Games are now organized into collapsible groups and can be filtered by type and/or sorted by title/identity key as desired.
  • Find and join multiplayer games. The UI for joining multiplayer games has been revamped using our new framework. Servers not announced to the master server listing can be seen automatically in the Home Screen and in the Multiplayer games dialog, if you are on the same LAN network.
  • Savegame management. A new savegame format (zipped package) enables you to access saved games via the Home Screen and allows Doomsday to extract information such as which game they are from, the user provided description and more metadata.


log_filtering.jpg Log filtering & alerts. If you are only interested in messages from particular subsystems, the log can now be filtered with more granularity. For instance, messages intended for mod and resource authors are separated from regular usage related messages.

There is also a new kind of notification: to help you notice important warning and error messages, a new alert is shown in the notification area whenever one occurs. This is helpful because in the past, important warnings and errors have easily gone unseen in the console log history.

tutorial.jpg Tutorial. If you are unfamiliar with Doomsday's UI, there is now a guided tutorial that walks you through the most important UI elements.


If you are upgrading an existing installation of Doomsday, note the following:

  • The tutorial will be shown on the first launch of 1.14 even if you're upgrading.
  • On the first launch of a game, there will be a number of alerts due to obsolete console variables. You will see something like this:


  • If you have an older graphics card, it might help if you disable bloom (rend-bloom).

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