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Version 1.9.0-beta6.3

Third patch release for Beta 6.

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If you are upgrading an existing installation of Doomsday, note the following:

  • There have been changes to the game controls and some default bindings have changed also. We recommend resetting your old bindings with the following console command:

clearbindings; defaultbindings



  • SIGSEGV when attempting to create states from incomplete definitions or which reference unknown sprite frames.
  • SIGSEGV when attempting to prepare a model, from a definition which requests the automatic scale-to-sprite feature but the sprite it references can not be found.
  • Remote vulnerability in Cl_ReadSoundDelta2 due to malformed packets. Thanks yagisan.
  • “Monsters become active at start of some maps” (
  • Heap corruption due to a (single byte) buffer overflow in the console history buffer.


  • File names specified in DED definitions that include a file extension not working as expected. When locating a resource if a file extension is specified, first check for a file matching the whole name including extension. If not found, then check for other files named similarly but with a different extension (the extensions tried are determined by the class and type of resource being searched for, e.g., for graphics try png/tga/pcx) (
  • Flags in Sky definitions ignored.


  • SIGSEGV when attempting to draw a world surface using a material whose primary texture has an alpha channel and also has a reflection defined.
  • Surface decorations on twosided sidedef upper/lower sections sometimes visible when they should not be.
  • Subtle render list/ GL state issue which could result in shiny surfaces sometimes being drawn without their specified mask texture.
  • Missing textures in the control panel after a GL reset (e.g., after changing resolution).

Unix / OS X

  • Fatal error when attempting a texture reset (caused by OpenGL textures being deleted in the busy mode, worker thread).

Common code library




  • Icon of Sin explosions spawned via A_BrainExplode appear far east of where they should be.
  • Menu type-in effect not enabled by default.
  • Use of uninitialized variable when loading an original game save file.
  • Intermittent fatal error when attempting to go to the intermission from a map whose logical id is greater than 32.
  • Drawing the game font in the console incorrectly.
  • The view border sometimes visible when not in a map.




  • SIGSEGV when attempting to set a map par time, if the search-by-map-name returns empty handed. Thanks yagisan.



  • Always force all non-middle seg sections opaque.
  • Make use of the gltexture interface for model skins, model shiny skins, lightmaps and custom flare textures.
  • Optimize: Adopted Lee Killough's method for LOS checks (using the bsp rather than the blockmap).
  • Ensure shiny textures are uploaded with texture compression disabled (banding is very noticeable).
  • Rather than draw an untextured quad if a texture for a given particle cannot be found, use the default “zeroth” texture instead.
  • Slight visual adjustment for busy indicator. The dashed ring is now in the middle of the two other rings.

Common code library

  • Use the standard ASCII codepage for fonts, remapping the existing character patches at start up.
  • Improved: Added some rudimentary mod authoring, debug aids to in_fine. If a referenced graphic is missing, it will now be reported in the console but the script will continue to play (objects using said graphic will be drawn without a texture).
  • Added sounds to the quick save/load message prompts.


  • Removed freedoom.wad from the list of recognised/supported IWADs (it depends upon numerous BOOM features which are not presently available).
  • Use the original STCFN* lumps for the small graphic font (desaturate and amplify at load time). Removed FONTA* lumps from jDOOM.pk3 Mods which replace this the small font (such as the Wolfendoom series) should now work as expected.


  • Allow any material on any world surface when loading DOOM/Hexen format maps.

Mac OS X

  • Upgraded wxPython for Snowberry.
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