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Version 1.9.0-beta6.4

4th patch release for Beta 6.

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  • SIGSEGV when attempting to draw surface reflections if the textures for which had not been located.
  • Resource locator unable to find the shinemaps and associated masks when using the mod “jDRP Reflections v1.2”
  • Resource locator unable to find files if any directory on the (absolute) search path contains one or more period '.' characters.
  • Invalid PAL18TO8 data being used when the playpal it was generated for had changed (this would result in textures which were being quantized to the colour palette (e.g., menu font patches) being “garbled” when playing mods with a custom PLAYPAL).
  • Particle generators not spawned even if the maximum number of active generators had not been reached.
  • Instances of lump cache abuse (writing back to cached lump memory).
  • 64bit portability issues in the WAV file/lump loader.
  • “Position of particles spawned using the spherical method” (
  • Inaccuracy in particle bounce vector calculation.
  • Grayscale PNG images were treated as paletted images, leading to null pointer access as the image does not contain a palette. Fixes bug “PNG texture makes jHeretic crashes starting episode 1” (

Common code library

  • Mobj types from game modes where they should not be present could be spawned dynamically once the map had started (for example, attempting to spawn an Archvile while playing Ultimate DOOM via XG or the ccmd “spawnmobj”).
  • Mobj types specifically disabled in the server configuration could still be spawned dynamically once the map had started (for example, spawning the BFG via XG).

All games


  • Graphic patch for five character '5' instead of that for a six '6' drawn when using FONTB.
  • “A_SkelMissile not taking vertical offset into account” (
  • At Nightmare skill, enemies respawned where they died (rather than where they were first spawned).
  • Mobjs of type MT_PUFF and MT_ROCKETPUFF spawned with too much z momentum.






  • It is now the games' responsibility to prepare the colour palettes. Colour palette data must be transfered to the engine with R_CreateColorPalette before use.


  • The (OpenGL) shared texture palette extension (GL_EXT_shared_texture_palette) is not currently supported. Note that paletted texture support has been retained.
  • map_info_ded_ definition, map name field can now specify a text definition id to be used as the map name. If no Text definition id by the given name is found, the name will be used as-is.

Common code library

  • Map loader interface now accepts/expects full thing rotation angles (previously clamped to eight unique directions (e.g., north/east/southwest/etc…)).
  • Enhanced ccmd spawnmobj; when specifying the z coordinate use the keyword “random” to indicate that a random value between the floor and ceiling heights (minus height of the mobj being spawned) at the specified x/y location should be chosen.


  • Removed fixed limit “ITEMQUESIZE” (previous limit was 128). Maximum number of items that can be added to respawn queue in deathmatch mode 2.
  • Removed fixed limit “MAX_DM_STARTS” (previous limit was 16). Maximum number of deathmatch start spots.


  • Unknown thing types in maps no longer result in a fatal error. Instead, they are ignored, a warning message is output to the console and map loading continues as normal.
  • Removed fixed limit “MAX_DM_STARTS” (previous limit was 16). Maximum number of deathmatch start spots.


  • Translate thing angles before map data transfer engine-side.
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