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This article summarizes the coding conventions and practices used in Doomsday 2.0 (libdeng2 library).

  • more modular: core, legacy, data, network already present, more to come
  • everything in “include/de” is the public API
  • non-public headers go to the module's src dir
  • Qt-like convenience includes with class name, e.g. “include/de/Log”
  • copyright banner should be updated to match the new format in libdeng1 (with @file, @authors, <small> GPL text)
  • library-wide defines have a DENG2_ prefix (DENG2_USE_QT, DENG2_64BIT, DENG2_PUBLIC, DENG2_ASSERT)
  • all C APIs should go to c_wrapper.h
  • exports are marked with DENG2_PUBLIC (no .def files on Windows)
  • all basic number types should use the d* typedefs in libdeng2.h
  • the data module is important to know by heart: serialization, locking, byte array and string operations, time/date
  • everything goes in “namespace de”
  • error situations are handled via exceptions (see usage of DENG2_ERROR, DENG2_SUB_ERROR through the modules)
  • error exceptions need to include both function name and the error description (without a period in the end) – see the existing throws in the code
  • beware: exceptions cannot be allowed to reach to the libdeng1 one (kills the app immediately); they must be caught in C wrappers
  • all non-trivial classes should use an opaque instance pointer (e.g., de::Socket); however, it should be noted that signals & slots require the class declaration to be in a header file
  • use of libdeng2 and Qt is fully allowed on libdeng1 side in .cpp files
  • use of Qt container classes vs. STL: both are allowed, however Qt containers usually have copy-on-write semantics so making read-only copies is O(1)
  • all log output (previous Con_Message/Con_Printf/printf/fprintf) should use LOG_* (choose appropriate level) – the level for including messages in the log output buffer is selected with LogBuffer::enable()
  • LOG_AS(“something”) can be used for setting a persistent scope prefix for subsequent messages
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