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Power (XG class)

Class = power

Modifies the activator's power (armor) level. Only operates on players. For example, when walking over a trip wire an electromagnetic field could sap the power from the player's armor.

Power class lines can only affect the activator of the line and the activator must be a player. It is possibile however, to use an XG sector's floor chain to “call” an XG line of power class in order to modify the power of all THINGS in a sector (eg an armor restore chamber could repair the armor of all players inside the chamber using a trickle charge).


Prm Name Type Meaning
Ip0 Min Delta Integer Minimum power delta. The real delta will be a random number between the minimum and maximum.
Ip1 Max Delta Integer Maximum power delta.
Ip2 Min Limit Integer Lower power limit. The player's power won't go below this. Default: 0
Ip3 Max Limit Integer Upper power limit. The player's power won't go above this. Default: 0


Line Type {
    ID = 5006
    Comment = "Give armor when player crosses"
    Flags = player_cross
    Flags2 = when_act | any
    Class = power
    Count = 1
    Time = 1
    Min Delta = 50
    Max Delta = 50
    Max Limit = 200

The line is triggered when the player crosses the line (Flags = player_cross). The line is active in any skill mode and any game type (Flags2 = any) and the line carries out it's action when active (Flags2 = when_act). The line can only be triggered once (Count = 1). When activated and the activator's (must be player) armor is bellow 200, the line increases their armor by a fixed amount of 50 (Min Delta == Max Delta == 50, therefore no randomization).

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