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This article lists the important changes in 1.9.9.

Fixed bugs

  • Fatal error during startup with novideo.
  • Parsing of spaces in command line arguments (they are now processed with libdeng2).
  • Crash after unloading a plugin (related to libdeng2 log entries).
  • Correctly handle error situations (exceptions) occuring in worker threads.
  • Toggling from fullscreen to windowed mode forgets the original size of the window.
  • When reporting a fatal error with novideo, the error message “QWidget: Cannot create a QWidget when no GUI is being used” is printed.
  • Launcher: “Center window” option.


  • Mishandling of malformed Doom-format sound lumps.


  • Potential crash from the recorddemo command. (Demo recording and playback remains disabled.)


  • Doom: Missing prompt for “idbehold” cheat.
  • Heretic: doors now play the right sound when closing (should be DOROPN at start, DORCLS at end).
  • Hexen: crash when opening a swing door (old bug from 2003; out of bounds memory access).
  • Hexen: kill will now affect swimming Stalkers and buried Wraiths, too.
  • Hexen: allow warp/setmap only to maps defined in mapinfo_hexen.
  • Hexen: movement of fog clouds (e.g., map 8) was not smooth.
  • Hexen v1.0: intermission texts don't display, “(text not found)” is displayed instead.
  • Hexen v1.0: allow warping to maps without a specified cluster (e.g., MAP41 in Hexen v1.0).
  • Hacx: Addressed compatibility issue “[Hacx] Terminatrix not resurrecting foes”. 930

Graphics and resources

  • Fatal error attempting to play add-ons using invalid Patch lumps to hide sprites.
  • Categorization of “addon” textures in PWAD TEXTURE1/2 lumps.
  • Plane glows were not drawn while a plane was moving (e.g., Hexen’s Guardian of Fire: rising lava floor in the starting room). The light origin Z coordinate and the plane height were not in sync.
  • Game’s color palettes reloaded after engine reset.
  • Doom: Failed to locate map data from Memento Mori add-on.
  • Hexen: loading of color translation class 2 (Mage) was broken (tried loading from the wrong lumps).
  • Hexen v1.0 and v1.1: Player color translations were applied incorrectly.
  • Bsp Builder: prefer non “self-referencing” lines when choosing a BSP leaf's sector.
  • Bsp Builder: precision issues in the partitioner resulting in small gaps in some maps.
  • Renderer: applying color translation for sprites.
  • Renderer: take middle wall section material opacity into account with sky-fix geometry.
  • Renderer: mishandling of all-masked textures resulting in brilliant white auto-lights.
  • Renderer: incorrect logic in R_MarkDependantSurfacesForDecorationUpdate().
  • Renderer: lumobj ⇒ BSP leaf contact spreading.
  • Light source from the Rocket Launcher missile at the wrong z-height.
  • Incorrect model skin selection during screenwipe/transition.
  • Incorrect model angle for voodoodolls.
  • Fixed bug “No longer handling unknown flats.” 1070
  • Mobjs outside the playable map should not emit light. 945
  • Logging of missing materials during map conversion.
  • Crash during engine reset when in a map with one or more glowing material.


  • DED: Unknown Blendmodes in Reflection definitions default to “normal”.
  • DED: Mishandling of the old State frame fullbright “flag”.
  • Auto-loading of DEH patches in PK3 containers.
  • Deh Reader: Tolerate mid-file EOF characters in DeHackEd patches.


  • Server: mobj flags got lost due to a bug when merging mobj deltas with existing ones in the pool (e.g., mobj color translation not changing when it’s supposed to).
  • Workaround for getting stuck in the Help screen: disabled the Help/Info screen for clients.

UI and menus

  • HOM before an InFine script at map start.
  • Automap: Bug “Automap - secret line flag and door glows.”
  • Automap: Polyobj lines are invisible.
  • Multiplayer Player Setup menu content placement.
  • Cannot alter menu option “Use custom automap colors.”
  • F11 does not toggle fullscreen if no game loaded, console is open, or in the control_panel (removed special-case event handlers, instead now using the binding_context_stack).
  • libcommon: fatal error attempting to shut down during a Finale (“GUI_MustFindObjectById: Failed to locate object with id 7”).
  • Game state change/notification messages should not be hidden.
  • Hexen|Automap: Attempted out-of-range playpal lookup with “reveal 3”.
  • Chex Quest: menus should not use Doom's skill level names.

Platform-specific fixes


  • More robust way to look for plugins (checking type of files to see whether they are shared libraries).


  • Toggling from fullscreen to windowed mode may position the window title bar outside the desktop.


  • Automatic updates: Doomsday will now automatically detect when a new version is available and can download it for you. Commands: updatesettings, update, updateandnotify, lastupdated. Note for Windows users: Snowberry (Doomsday Engine Frontend) must be closed when installing an update. You will be notified if the frontend is running when trying to install an update.
  • Relative paths on the command line are relative to the working directory at startup. Previously they were interpreted relative to the userdir.
  • iwad and all other options that use a path detect if argument is a directory and appends a slash if so (-iwad “some/dir” works now; previously had to be “-iwad some/dir/”)



  • Command listlumps: list all lumps loaded from containers.

Gameplay and libcommon

  • Foundation for an autosave mechanism. The user interface part of autosaves is still under construction.
  • Additional default control bindings for answering game messages.
  • Added command deletegamesave.
  • Added variable game-save-auto-loadonreborn: automatically load the latest autosave on player reborn.
  • Added variable game-save-last-loadonreborn: automatically load the last save on player reborn.
  • Added variable game-save-confirm-loadonreborn: load confirmation on player reborn.
  • Enhanced console commands loadgame and savegame adding a new “auto” mnemonic for the autosave slot.
  • Removed fixed 24-character limit for game save descriptions.
  • Hexen v1.0 support: added game mode “hexen-v10” that has only four player colors and does not load intermission texts from the IWAD (they were hardcoded in v1.0).

Graphics and resources

  • Added a camera vignette effect. Cvars: rend-vignette, rend-vignette-darkness and rend-vignette-width.
  • Increased max number of particle generators to 512 (from 256).
  • Model skin fallback: if a model's skin is not found, automatically looks for a graphic named similarly to and in the same directory as the model file.
  • Save FSAA state persistently so it can be restored immediately at startup and the window can be created with the correct FSAA mode (removes flicker during startup).
  • DED: log a warning about unknown Blendmodes.
  • DeHackEd: Added support for [CODEPTR] DEH patches.


  • If cheats are disabled, send a response to clients attempting to cheat.

UI and menus

  • Added a new game menu page for configuring game save options.
  • Deleting saved games from “SaveGame” and “LoadGame” pages using the Game Menu.
  • Added game-unpause-focusgained: by default do not automatically unpause when focus returns to window.


  • Faster map loading due to optimizations in the BSP builder.
  • More efficient map sector audio properties calculations, leading to shorter map setup times and less per-frame calculations.
  • Addressed inefficiencies related to per-frame Patch Replacement lookup.

Platform-specific changes


  • The Doomsday window has a proper window icon.


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