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This article lists the important changes in doomsday_version_1.11.

Fixed bugs

  • Failure to detect the current build due to a compiler misconfiguration (in libdeng2).
  • Updater: Printing last checked time when never actually checked.
  • World axes transposed for the “hand” in the bias_lighting editor.


Automap not visible in release builds (Windows only), due to an MSVC optimization error.

  • Show map title and number in automap (when hud-title is 1).
  • Doom: incorrect behavior of tag 666 action specials.
  • Doom: material FIRELAV2 missing glow (missing Material definition).
  • Heretic: end game finale texts do not fit on screen.
  • Heretic: Wand Crystal missiles auto-aim behavior. Now conforms to vanilla Heretic.
  • Heretic: Hell Staff rain was falling down at an angle (should be straight down).
  • Heretic: water/lava/sludge splashes were erroneously floor-clipped.
  • Heretic: artifact pickup playing both the artifact and standard pickup sounds.
  • Hexen: Bracers artifact gave too little armor without an upper limit.
  • Hexen: crash after “panic” as the Pig class.
  • Hexen: crash when morphing Dark Servants.
  • Hexen: crash when respawning after gib death (release builds only) due to a debug code mixup in the save game code.
  • Heretic|Hexen: crash from inventory drawer when both ctl-inventory-mode and ctl-inventory-wrap were set to 1.
  • Heretic|Hexen: ctl-inventory-use-next does not wrap at the left edge.
  • Heretic|Hexen: ctl-inventory-use-next should default to 1.
  • Heretic|Hexen: default control bindings for PgDn/Del are the wrong way around.
  • HacX: issues with bad guys and weapons when loading game at runtime as opposed to using game.


  • Logic errors in the drawable map geometry generation resulting in numerous incompatibilities and rendering artefacts when dealing with id Tech 1 map hack constructs.
  • Fog was no longer being enabled when rendering the sky sphere/models.
  • Visual artefacts when combining debug rendering modes (rend-dev-sky, rend-dev-tex-showfix, etc…).
  • When drawing psprites the “static” weapon offset scale used for preventing lowering was not applied as intended:


  • Logic errors in the BSP builder which erroneously attributed some leafs to the wrong map sector (resulting in rendering glitches, particularly around map hack constructs).


  • Improper use of the OpenAL API: sound buffers must not be in use when data is copied into them.
  • OpenAL plugin uses the default audio playback device of the system.


  • Duplicating a profile causes runtime errors if the original profile has addons selected.

New features and changes

  • doomsday_server is no longer concerned with rendering and uses lightweight variants of all core map data elements.
  • Incremented network protocol version due to non-backward compatible changes to the map data representation. Older clients will not be able to join.
  • Added option reset: delete all persistent data (in persist.pack) causing the engine to be reset to “factory defaults” (as far as libdeng2 is concerned).
  • Added option reconfig: force rerunning the Config script, ensuring the configuration is good for the current version. Normally the Config script is run when it has changed or when the engine has been upgraded.


  • Internal improvements in Doomsday's window manager, allowing fullscreen resolution to be configured separately from windowed mode size.
  • The old console UI was removed and replaced with task_bar and other widgets.
  • The new console and other widgets support Unicode text and use system fonts.
  • The new console uses variable-width fonts and rich text styling.
  • Task bar shows the current build number in unstable and candidate builds.
  • There is now an area dedicated for notifications. The first (and so far only) notification widget is the FPS counter.
  • All UI style parameters and resources for the new UI widgets are stored in a resource pack. The default one is called defaultstyle.pack and it's currently part of doomsday.pk3.
  • ringzero: the available games are displayed in a graphical menu.
  • Added the de_menu that opens when clicking on the Doomsday logo in the right side of the task_bar.
  • One can now check for updates via a menu item also on Windows and Linux (using the de_menu).
  • The game can be unloaded without resorting to console commands (using the de_menu).
  • The special console activation key was removed and replaced with the hardcoded Shift-Esc and a regular binding (Tilde by default).
  • Obsolete settings were removed from the Control Panel (from the Input, Network and Console pages). Some of them will return later as new settings dialogs/widgets/menus incorporated into the task_bar.


  • The operating system's native key repeat events are used instead of generating them manually. This fixes issues with keys repeating spuriously when the frame rate is very low.


blur_shader.jpgCompletely new OpenGL 2 based graphics code is used for drawing the new UI framework. (The rest of the graphics are still drawn using the old OpenGL 1.4 code.)

  • The UI widgets support OpenGL shaders. Notably, in ringzero the console background is drawn with a shader that blurs whatever is underneath.
  • Drawable map geometry generation now separated from the core of the map renderer and is no longer directly concerned with id Tech 1 map hacks.
  • Bias light_grid is now prepared JIT if enabled while a map is loaded. It is no longer necessary to restart the map/wait until the next map for changes to take effect.


  • Removed the fixed upper limit for the number of submodels that a 3D model can have.
  • Parser for a blend of info (declarative document) and doomsday_script (procedural script). When such a file is read, the embedded scripts are automatically run. This allows values to be determined by scripts. In this release the scripted_info files are mostly used in the new UI style pack.
  • doomsday.pk3 now contains shaders.dei, a scripted_info file that defines GLSL shaders used in the UI framework.
  • Map geometry now modelled with meshes, a half-edge data structure and revised internal representations. Many shortcomings inherited from the WAD map format were removed and concerns are better separated.
  • Map loading times further reduced by virtue of revised internal APIs and data representation.
  • BSP leafs now support multiple polyobjs (note that geometry is not presently intersected).
  • Added property DMU_ARCHIVE_INDEX – the position of the relevant data and/or definition for the map element in the “archived” map. For example, in the case of a DMU_SIDE produced from an id Tech 1 format map the archive index will be the index of the definition in the SIDEDEFS data lump.



  • Now uses the loglevel option instead of v. (The latter remains operational, though.)


  • Minimum required version of Qt is now 4.7.
  • Mac OS X 10.7+ build is now done with clang.
  • Removed the LegacyCore class that was added to facilitate transitioning Doomsday's core subsystems onto libdeng2. This work is now complete, with libdeng2 handling the event loop, window management, event processing, and timer updates.


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