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Finale (InFine)

The InFine definition (also known as Finales) is used to define intros, interludes, finale animations and all manner of scriptable 2D animation sequences and title sequences. You can play demos, animations, print text to the screen and a lot more.

The finales of the original Doom, Heretic and Hexen typically have a tiled flat as the background and text that is slowly typed onto the screen. Each InFine sequence runs a script that defines what the finale does.

Check the Infine script reference for detailed information on how to create an InFine script, the syntax, and examples.


	 Before = "";
		  # Identifier of the map before which this finale should be
		  # played. The precise form of the identifier depends on the
		  # Game, but the two commonly used ones are "ExMy" and "MAPxy",
		  # where "x" and "y" denote episode and map numbers; "E2M3".

	 After = "";
		  # Identifier of the map after which this finale should be
		  # played. Normally it's useful to only use either one of the
		  # Before and After keys, though both can be set at the same
		  # time. 

	 Script { };
		  # An InFine script that defines what the finale does. The same
		  # parsing rules are used when reading the script and the DED
		  # file itself, so for instance strings can be split onto
		  # multiple lines (see Text definitions). See the InFine Script
		  # reference for more information.

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