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Version 1.9.8-1

Patch release for 1.9.8 that improves the stability of the engine and fixes some incorrect behavior.

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  • Fixed a potential crash when loading font patches from a PK3 when the main menu first appears
  • Fixed out of bounds memory access attempting to play Plutonia II MAP33
  • Fixed potential crash when switching games (stray reverb update requests)
  • Fixed a runtime error in Snowberry when add-on metadata contains Unicode text 3526183
  • Heretic: Play the correct sound effect when a door is closing
  • Dedicated mode: Don't try to show GUI error dialogs
  • Don't log an unknown DED flag warning if flag name is whitespace
  • Cleaned up code by fixing issues found by rpmlint (patch by jengelh)
  • Mac OS X: Loading audio plugins on a case-sensitive native file system
  • Ubuntu: Changed default Apt repository to the Dropbox mirror ( is still available, though)
  • Ubuntu: Removed libcurl3 and libsdl-net from dependencies
  • Unix/Mac OS X: Fixed crash when loading WAV files (e.g., DOOM HQ SFX pack)
  • Unix: DENG_BASE_DIR and DENG_LIB_DIR quoted properly to prevent compiler error
  • Unix: Fixed exports from OpenAL plugin
  • Unix: Detect presence of OpenAL development files using pkg-config


  • alepulver: qmake project file improvement for Unix; command line parsing fixes
  • jengelh: patch for mistakes detected by rpmlint

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