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Version 1.13

Version 1.13 concentrates on bringing new flexibility into Doomsday's renderer. Under the hood we've also been reorganizing management of logical resources into a better shape for future needs.

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Framebuffer effects. Doomsday can now use OpenGL shaders to post-process the rendered frames. In this release, we've applied this for libdoom's Invulnerability power-up effect.

Stereoscopic 3D. Support has been added for various stereoscopic rendering modes, including anaglyph, side-by-side, parallel and cross-eyed viewing.

Oculus Rift. Full support for playing all supported games using Oculus Rift, including head tracking and easy auto-configuration via the new 3D & VR settings dialog. The Windows and OS X packages include built-in support for Oculus Rift; on other platforms one must manually compile the engine using the Oculus SDK.

UI experience enhancements. Doomsday's UI renovation is still ongoing, and we've been fine-tuning the elements introduced so far. busy_mode is now better integrated into the rest of the UI (for instance, when loading a map) and widgets look and behave smoother, requiring less mouse clicking.

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If you are upgrading an existing installation of Doomsday, note the following:

  • Fundamental changes have been made to how OpenGL drawing buffers are managed. Keep an eye out for error messages during startup, in case your OpenGL drivers do not support the new arrangement. Remember to upgrade to the latest available drivers.
  • NVIDIA users: Ensure that the antialiasing mode is not forcibly overridden by the video driver (you should use the “Application-controlled” setting in NVIDIA Control Panel > 3D Settings).

Bug tracker

Big project management update: bug and feature tracking has been moved to our own Tracker. The biggest advantages are much-improved speed and a better interface for managing and browsing issues. We're very happy with the new tracker and hope it will give a boost for future development efforts.

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