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This article contains a few tips for model authors who create 3D models to be used in place of the original sprites.

  • When creating models to replace an object in the original game, try to achieve as good resemblance as possible. The original sprites are a good reference, you can view them for example with DeePSea. Comparing models vs. sprites is easy if you use bindings such as these:

bindevent key-i “usemodels 1” bindevent key-o “usemodels 0”

Version 1.x: MD2 models

  • The recommended triangle count for monsters is 500-800. Use more triangles for larger, detailed objects. Small objects should have less than 100, so there can be lots of them with no problems. Remember that lighting usually smooths out a model quite nicely.
  • Use as small skins as possible. There should be no need to use skins larger than 256×256. Remember that you can position the texture coordinates yourself so you can optimize the usage of the skin image.
  • If you preview your work in the game, make sure you've disabled all software gamma correction (“setgamma 0”) and set a good display gamma (vid-gamma) so your model won't appear too bright or dark for others.
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