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The jDRP (jDoom Resource Pack) is a collection of numerous j_doom addons created by the community. In it you will find some 3D models to replace the original DOOM sprites, a set of particle definitions adding countless new effects, and much more. stub


There are currently three seperate download choices available for the jDRP -

  • jDRP v1.01 Packaged: An all-in-one choice of what the community has decided is the best combination of jDRP addon modules collected into one Snowberry box for easy install.
  • jDRP v1.01 Extras: Some 'alternate' models that either differ from the all-in-one versions or might conflict with other model packs (such as monster models) fact
  • jDRP v1.1 Alpha: These models are of far superior resolution and detail but is currently incomplete. Should work fine running “over the top” of the 1.01 version.

Comparison screenshots

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  • DaniJ: Nearly everything, unless stated otherwise below
  • Harry: Packaging for Snowberry
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