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persist.pack is the name of the special resource package where Doomsday 2 keeps all persistent application data. The package is stored in the user's runtime folder.

The package uses the standard Doomsday resource package format (ZIP/PK3 with Info metadata).


File Description
Info Metadata about the package.
modules/Config Serialized Config namespace: configuration variables and routines.
UIState State of UI widgets.



The Config namespace contains settings such as:

  • automatic updater preferences
  • window position and mode
  • enabled log levels and alert preferences
  • which tabs are visible in Home
  • local packages to be loaded when joining a multiplayer game
  • overall pixel density setting for the renderer
  • audio backend preferences
  • folders for locating IWADs and other packages


Persistent state for UI widgets so it can be restored in the future. Used for example for remembering console commands entered in the past.

Restoring all settings to defaults

One can delete persist.pack to force the engine to restore all settings to defaults. (All settings saved in persist.pack, that is.)

The -reset option can also be used to do this. (1.11 →)

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