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Reporting bugs

Bug reports should be submitted to the Doomsday Engine Bug Tracker.


  1. You must have a user account on the Tracker to submit bugs.
  2. Make sure you can reproduce the bug. Try to ascertain the exact circumstances under which the bug occurs. If the bug occurs only randomly or rarely, it is more difficult to find and fix it.
  3. Browse through or search the existing bug reports. If your bug is already listed, don't submit a new report. Instead, post a comment in the existing report with any new information you can contribute. Your comments will be sent automatically to the developers.
  4. To submit a new report, click on the "New issue" button.
  5. Include your doomsday.out log as an attachment. It contains helpful information about your Doomsday Engine setup. (Try running with the -v option, i.e., verbose messages, to get more detailed log messages.)
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