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<noinclude> jDoom|1.14.6|1.15.0-beta1...4|1.15.0-beta5 jDoom|1.15.0-beta4|May 28, 2006|new, fix|1.15.0-beta4.0|420613|420590|420589



  • Automatic weapon switching now works in co-op games.
  • voodoo_doll spawning bug exhibited on maps such as caesar.wad.
  • Boss Brain doesn't die by rockets as easily: Splash damage is now considered to be infinetly tall when testing boss_brain vs missile collisions.
  • doom2's MAP30 could not be completed if cvar game-corpse-time was set to 1.
  • Mobj→Soundtarget data is now saved. This fixes the bug where monsters would forget where they heard the player(s) after loading a saved game.
  • Mobj→Tracer data is now saved. This fixes the bug where the targeted mobj for archvile fire attacks and revenant homing missiles would be lost after loading a saved gane.
  • Animated textures in tnt and plutonia were not working correctly.
  • A logic error in the original doom which prevented the GOTMEDINEED message from ever being used.
  • An inverted test in the original doom logic which prevented the OUCH face from ever being used.


  • Removed fixed limits:
    • Max number of boss brain spawnspots.
    • Max number of archived mobjs.
    • Max number of active platforms.
    • Max number of active switches.
    • Max number of adjoining sectors (MAX_ADJOINING_SECTORS): Used when searching for next heighest/lowest plane.
  • Changed: Automatic weapon switching has two modes: 1= If better, 2= Always.
  • Changed: Save & Load slots are now sync'd in the menu. This means that after saving a game in slot #3, the next time the load game menu is entered, the cursor will be placed on slot #3 automatically.
  • Changed: cvar ctl-look-speed: Is now specified using a floating point value in the range [0…1].
  • Changed: ccmd give: number (0-NUMWEAPONS) = give an individual weapon (as if found), f = give the player the power of flight.
  • Changed: ccmd reveal: Added mode 4 = show subsectors when viewing the automap.
  • Changed: ccmd spawnmobj: Added an alternative means to specifiy the type to be spawned using the mobj_name (as defined via a thing definition).

New features

  • game_status_console_variables: read-only cvars that show the status of various player/game values, player-health, map-name, etc.
  • The “skill 0 trick” is now supported (in the original DOOM, if the skill mode was set to zero using the “-skill” command line option, no monsters would be spawned into the map at start.
  • ccmd exitlevel: Exit the current level via the normal exit and go to the intermission.


  • Support added for boom thing flags:
    • Not Deathmatch: Thing will only be spawned if not playing a deathmatch game mode.
    • Not Coop: Thing will only be spawned if not playing a co-operative game mode.
  • Support added for boom linedef flags:
    • Pass Thru:
    • Any Trigger: This flag overrides xg activation type requirements unless the ltf2_override_any flag is set in the XG the line_type→Flags2 paramater.
  • Support added for boom extension lumps:
  • Most of j_heretic's MF2_ flags: Are now supported via thing definitions (including floorclip', floatbob' etc…).
  • New values:
    • Player|Green Armor Class: Armor class of the green_armor pickup.
    • Player|Blue Armor Class: Armor class of the blue_armor pickup.
    • Player|God Health: Health displayed in the HUD when in god_mode.
    • Player|IDFA Armor: Armor given with the idfa cheat.
    • Player|IDKFA Armor: Armor given with idkfa cheat.
    • Player|IDFA Armor Class: Armor class given with idfa cheat.
    • Player|IDKFA Armor Class: Armor class given with idkfa cheat.
    • MegaSphere|Give|Health: Health given when a mega_sphere is collected.
    • SoulSphere|Give|Health: Health given when a soul_sphere is collected.
    • SoulSphere|Give|Health Limit: Max health limit when a soul_sphere is collected.


  • Customisable weapon change order preferences: via weapons menu and cvars.
  • ccmd suicide: Commit suicide in non deathmatch games.


  • Added new fullscreen view modes (accessed directly using the console or using the increase/decrease view window controls):
    • Hide: No HUD indicators will be drawn (note, chat and other messages will still be visible as normal).
    • Floating statusbar: The status bar is drawn on top of the player view (instead of underneath it) positioned centrally.
  • New cvars:
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