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This article lists the important changes in doomsday_version_1.15.

Fixed bugs

  • Map briefings should be disabled when autostarting a game session from command line.
  • Alert displayed unnecessarily on first launch because game.cfg was not found. This file is only created when quitting the game for the first time.
  • Resetting last-used/quick save slot on game change.
  • Windows: Pressing Alt+F4 during engine startup causes Doomsday to crash.
  • Crash if “Custom” renderer appearance profile does not exist.


  • Mouse wheel event handling makes a distinction between pixel scroll values (touchpad) and angles (wheel rotation).
  • Activating binding grab with mouse button(s) in control menu.


  • Sky model Z-buffering was not enabled. This would cause sky models to be incorrectly rendered with regard to depth occlusion.
  • Value defined for a model's “Shadow radius” ignored in the GL1 model renderer.
  • Vsync controlled with a single Config variable that is common to all games. This simplifies the configuration of video settings between games.
  • Incorrect skin chosen for 3D models under some circumstances.
  • Post-processing effects cause other consoles to go black/white, when the split_screen_mode is active.
  • Windows: Rendering glitches following a switch of FSAA/vsync settings.


  • Non-ASCII characters broken on command line and/or resource finder.
  • Handle zero-length lumps between S(*)_START/_END markers.



  • JSON parsing error when reading the latest update response.

{{tag|BSP Builder}}

  • Superfluous line segments due to partitioning inaccuracies, interfering with id Tech 1 map hack interpretation.


  • XG stops working when loading a saved game.
  • XG Power class if health below.
  • Plane texture class gives new flat a tint of 0.
  • XG sector ambient sounds not saved/loaded.
  • Broken stair build spreading algorithm.
  • XG line/sector types should override built-in types.

{{tag|All Games}}

  • Fatal error when attempting to rebind key-delete-down.


  • Monster Teleport Issue (TNT MAP31).
  • FIREBLU in Plutonia.
  • Infunctional teleporter trigger in the BTSXep2 PWAD.
  • The Fortress of Mystery appears between wrong map on E2 intermission.
  • Revenant missiles randomly switch from non-homing to homing when saving and loading games.


  • Misinterpretation of savegame data related to ACS state (de-serialization error). Existing .save files are OK.
  • Death Wyvern gets stuck in the center pillar of its cave.
  • Cough sound playback when a player in god mode collides with a PoisonCloud.


  • Crash when OpenGL driver does not support OpenGL version 2 or later. An error dialog is shown instead.


New features and changes

  • Improved controls for the Tutorial dialog: navigating backward and forward, and showing progress through the tutorial steps.
  • The console menu was split to two: one for the log itself, and one the command prompt options.
  • Right-clicking the prompt menu button toggles between console command and doomsday_script modes.
  • The file path where the console log is written can be copied to the OS clipboard.
  • Alerts about warnings and errors are automatically dismissed after a while (default is three minutes).
  • The Clear Log action deletes all log entries from memory (not from the log file on disk, though).
  • Added a native dialog for selecting the SF2/DLS soundfont in the Audio Settings dialog.
  • The GL information popup in the About dialog shows whether texture compression is enabled or not.

Home screen ({{tag|Ring Zero}})

  • When there are no playable games, the user is asked to select the IWAD folder using a native file dialog.
  • The primary IWAD folder can be set/changed via the app menu.
  • Savegames listed in the Game Selection menu can be deleted.
  • Moved the game sort order choice to the left side so it doesn't go under the notification area.


  • Map URIs are used in network games instead of episode/map numbers.


  • Even though thinkers remain POD instances, the engine can now internally store a C++ object per each thinker without the game knowing about it. This is used for instance for the new model renderer to store object-specific animation state data.

{{tag|All Games}}

  • External map progression, episode and hub definitions. These definitions allow one to modify level progression without doing any changes to the WAD files containing the maps. Previously the only way to specify a custom map progression was to use end_level_xg_class in the map.
  • Recognize id Tech 1 maps using heuristic analysis.
  • Game menu contents are rebuilt when the engine is reset. This allows customized episodes loaded at runtime to be reflected in the menu.
  • warp and warp support map URIs.
  • leavemap now accepts an optional 'exit' argument, to specify the name of the exit to lookup from the map progression for the current episode. This gives mod authors a convenient way to test out the map progression without having to find the associated trigger in the map itself. Extended support to Hexen.


{{tag|BSP Builder}}

  • Multithreaded candidate partition evaluation, improving performance significantly.


  • Added a Pixel Doubling post-processing effect. The amount of the effect can be changed in the Renderer Appearance editor.
  • New, alternative model renderer that uses the new GL classes from libgui. Works independently of the old model renderer and relies on Doomsday 2 packages and assets. Supports skeletal animation.
  • The new model renderer uses open_asset_import_library to load various 3D model file formats.
  • Updated Oculus Rift support for the DK2 (extended desktop mode only).
  • Texture compression is disabled by default. It can be enabled with the texcomp option.


  • Introduced the doomsday_2_package_format for packaging assets.
  • Added TitleImage property to map_info_ded for specifying a title image in place of a textual title.
  • Games registered by plugins can now be attributed with a mapinfo_hexen data path. Any definition data on this path will be translated to DED during game init.


  • Added a subclassing mechanism for doomsday_script. Any record can be a class instance simply by having a member called super. For details, see: superclass.
  • Added an @include directive to be used in info documents to include content from other info files.

{{tag|OS X}}

  • Support for Retina displays (2x HiDPI).
  • The display mode can no longer be changed, however one can freely adjust the resolution of the game view in the Video Settings dialog. This ensures that the UI remains crisp on Retina displays even if the game resolution is reduced.


  • The Menu key shows and hides the task bar (added to default set of input bindings).


  • Switched to C++11 as the primary language.
  • Upgraded to Qt 5.3.
  • Upgraded to SDL 2 (used for joystick input).


  • Added support for [Strings] replacement in BEX patches.


  • mapinfo_hexen definition translator gracefully ignores unsupported ZDoom-specific extensions.
  • Renamed plugin from WadMapConverter. Importing of id Tech 1 format resources is in the process of being moved out of the engine and it makes sense to collect all such importers in one place.


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