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Values (DED)

The Values block allows modifying many of the values used internally in a game. Each game has a different set of values that can be modified, see below for details of the available values.

The Values block can also be used to set up patch replacements (where applicable) which allows an internal patch to be replaced with a string of text.

You can also define new values but the engine itself doesn't use the values for anything. You can think of the Values definition as a registry of nested string pairs. Internally the hierarchy levels are separated with the | (vertical line) character, so you can't use it in the key names.


Values {
    Key1 = "Example"
    My block {
        Nested key = "This is a string"
        Other key = "Hello"

The definitions above would create the following entries:

  • Key1 = Example
  • My block|Nested key = This is a string
  • My block|Other key = Hello

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