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Sector wind

Wind increases the momentum of things inside a sector. Wind speed is defined as the increase in momentum per game_tic. There are two kinds of wind: horizontal and vertical. Horizontal wind pushes things on the xy_plane to a given direction specified with an angle. Vertical wind affects Z momentum. Standard doom gravity corresponds a vertical wind of –1. Wind can be configured to only affect certain types of map objects.

If you want to synchronize wind speed with a scrolling_texture (for instance to create the illusion that a scrolling_floor is moving the player around), use the following equation (f is the sector friction).

Wspd = Tspd (1 − f)

Angle direction

These are the general directions which can be used with Wind Angle. Keep in mind these are just the horizontal and vertical angles, any angles between these may be used also.

  • 0 = East
  • 90 = North
  • 180 = West
  • 270 = South


Sector Type {
    ID = 5007
    Comment = "Change wind to push North"
    Flags = stf_windany
    Wind Angle = 90.0
    Wind Speed = 2.0
    Vertical Wind Speed = 0.0

This will create wind which will push all mobjs (stf_windany) in the North direction (Wind Angle) at a speed of 2 (Wind Speed)

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