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Teleport (XG class)

Class = teleport

Teleports the activator to the first teleport exit in the target sector. Similar to the original Doom teleport line special.


Prm Name Type Meaning
Ip0,Ip1 Target Ref,Target Num lsref Reference to the sector to teleport the activator to.
Ip2 No Flash integer If true (non-zero), the teleport flash and any associated effects will not be used.
Ip3 No Sound integer If true (non-zero), the teleport sound will not be played.
Ip4 Always Start Stomp integer If true (non-zero), if there is another mobj in the teleport destination it will be stomped (telefragged) by the activator.


Line Type {
    ID = 5020
    Flags = player_cross
    Flags2 = when_act | any
    Class = teleport
    Type = timed_off
    Count = -1
    Target Ref = "lsref_line_tagged"
    No Flash = 1
    No Sound = 1
    Always Stomp = 1

The line is activated when the player crosses it. On activation, the player will be teleported to the first teleport destination found within the first sector found whose tag matches the activated line. No teleport effects will be rendered and there will be no teleport sound. If there are any mobjs at the teleport destination, they will be telefragged.

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