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Line count (XG class)

Class = line_count

Modifies the activation counters of the referenced lines.

Each XG line has a built-in counter that is used to determine if a line can be activated or not. If a line's count is -1 it can be activated an infinite number of times. If a line's count is 0 it cannot be activated. If a line's count is greater than 0 it can be activated.

Each time a line is activated it's line count is decreased by 1 until it reaches 0. So a line's count is the number of times a line can be activated.


A line's activation_count in essence is a variable. Now a line can check the line count of other lines so for example if line X's line count is lower than A then don't activate this line. A combination lock maybe?… (see SecondaryActions for info on how to check a line's count remotely)


Prm Name Type Meaning
Ip0, Ip1 Target Ref, Target Num lref, lrefd Reference to one or more lines. Specifies the line(s) we want to change the count on.
Ip2 Set Absolute Integer If Ip2 is zero, the value in Count Delta (Ip3) is a delta. If Ip2 is non-zero, the counters of the referenced lines are set to the exact value in Count Delta (Ip3).
Ip3 Count Delta Integer Delta or the new counter value. If Set Absolute (Ip2) is zero, this is treated as a signed delta that is added to the current counter value of a line.


Line Type {
    ID = 5006
    Comment = "Reduce all tagged lines, line count by one"
    Flags = player_shoot
    Flags2 = when_act | any
    Class = line_count
    Count = -1
    Time = 1
    Target Ref = "lref_tagged"
    Set Absolute = 0
    Count Delta = -1

The line is triggered when the player shoots the line (Flags = player_shoot). The line is active in any skill mode and any game type (Flags2 = any) and the line carries out it's action when active (Flags2 = when_act). The line can be triggered an infinite number of times (Count = -1). When activated, the line subtracts 1 (Ip3= -1) from the line count of all lines tagged with the same tag (including this one but because the count is -1 it has no effect on this line).

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