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This article lists the important changes in 1.9.10.

Fixed bugs

  • Crash when locating a fallback skin for a model without skins (out of bounds memory access).
  • Crash when replacing text definitions (null pointer access).
  • Crashes with add-ons using the HI_START/HI_END method of texture replacement.
  • Fatal error attempting to enter lighting debug mode (rend-tex 2).


  • Unix: All Games: chat messages don’t show in HUD due to improper use of memory buffers. 1092
  • Mac OS X: launcher config updated for ringzero: all game plugins’ resources made available using vdmaps.
  • Windows: crash when switching to desktop resolution at shutdown (a late window resize callback occurred).


  • Stuck column in Doom E1M7 (using fixed-precision math for bbox/line tests).
  • Finale object rotations regression (rotating around an incorrect origin).


  • Don’t override user’s monitor color transfer function (all changes should be applied relative to the user’s transfer func).
  • All Games: centering the map title in a wide viewport (when entering a new map).
  • Incorrect world dimensions of sprites with high-resolution texture replacements.
  • Broken “tall patch” composition.
  • Out-of-namespace flat/patch resource lookup errors.
  • Sky models and various map properties invalid after an engine reset.


  • Server: connecting to one’s own local dedicated server shouldn’t cause a duplicate client ID error.


  • listmaps printed [null] as the source file for missing maps and omitted maps outside the default progression.


  • App init error (with, loglevel critical) (native file removed before created).
  • ZipArchive produced corrupt data under some circumstances.
  • Bug in de::Info related to finding keys by ‘:’ separated identifier path.
  • Script: parser bug concerning ‘:’ appearing inside “if” statement’s condition.

Deh Reader

  • Parser bug causing some text patches to be skipped.


  • Incorrect texture frames for the FIRELAV animation.
  • Missing “been there” splats and incorrect map titles in some intermissions.
  • Broken Fortress of Mystery animation during the E2M5 ⇒ E2M9 intermission.


  • Warping to a map outside the default progression did not work.

New features and changes

  • The application data path now has priority over system-wide paths (e.g., those set with doomwaddir).
  • Improved startup performance with several file system and resource management optimizations.
  • Tools (texc, wadtool, md2tool) are included in the main distribution packages (unless CONFIG+=deng_notools).
  • Added the deng_tests build option: additional small test apps will be built and deployed alongside the engine binaries.
  • Moved engine sources to domain-specific subfolders, clarifying the internal structure and dependencies.
  • Moved common, generic-purpose code from engine to libdeng1/libdeng2.
  • Launcher: removed “j” prefixed game plugin names to “lib” (or none).
  • Launcher: removed options for configuring the display resolution (now offered in the engine itself).


  • The default display mode is fullscreen with desktop resolution on Windows and Mac OS X, maximized window for Unix.
  • Windows: doomsday.out is by default placed to AppData\Local\Deng Team\Doomsday Engine.
  • Windows: deng2 version metadata contains build number as part of version number.
  • Unix: defaults config file for de::UnixInfo.


  • FMOD: Attempt to detect system's speaker mode and use it (5.1, 7.1, Prologic).
  • FMOD: Added command line options for setting speaker mode manually: speaker51, speaker71, speakerprologic.
  • FMOD: sound-rate has no effect with FMOD because upsampling is not needed, FMOD can resample when necessary.
  • FluidSynth (Unix): compiling with the system libfluidsynth, uses libfluidsynth’s output driver to play music
  • FluidSynth (Unix): audio driver can be chosen with “fluidsynth:driver” in the defaults info file.


  • Renamed core resource packages (e.g., jdoom.pk3) using the new “lib” prefix instead of “j” (libdoom.pk3).
  • Removed “j” prefixed game plugin version metadata.
  • Dropped old j-plugin version numbers, now using the main Doomsday version.


  • Imported script engine from Hawthorn (presently only used for libdeng2 config and storing automatic update preferences, main window position, display mode settings).
  • Added loglevel to set the log entry level (e.g., DEBUG or TRACE).
  • Each v/verbose increases the enabled log entry level by one.
  • More compact log output: abbreviated log entry headers.
  • Script: references between Records can be restored after deserialization (with some caveats).
  • Script: improved textual representation of record.
  • Script: boolean numbers are printed as “True” and “False” instead of “1” and “0”.
  • Script: added “export” statement and keyword.
  • Script: calling native functions from scripts.
  • Script: native modules DisplayMode and Version.
  • Replaced script ⇒, added functions for resetting to/accessing the default config values.
  • Added package persist.pack for storing all persistent state into.
  • Config stored persistently in /home/persist.pack/modules/Config instead of /home/deng.config.
  • Serialization versioning.


  • Vermil: weapon names and other text definitions for Chex Quest and HacX
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