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Version 1.9.0-beta5

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1.9.0-beta5 has a dual focus. One priority is to fix longstanding multiplayer and networking bugs. The other priority is to refactor the engine and its public API to be more clearly separated from the games, and to allow future development of the engine without breaking game_plugins.

There is a huge list of changes for this release, as one can expect after a 7 month development period.


Do not install over Beta 4 or a release older than that. You will more than likely face strange problems if you do. (Installing over Beta 5 release candidates is OK.) If you want to retain your old Beta 4 installation, just install Beta 5 into a new folder.

Known Problems

During the release candidate phase there were several issues with clients connecting to a server, where other clients sometimes crashed, or the new client was denied access due to a “ghost” player left behind by a client that had previously exited the game via crashing. Even though many reasons for these crashes were found and eliminated, there may still be circumstances where crashes on client joining occur.</noinclude>



File System



Mac OS X

  • Segmentation violation: changing on/off cvars via the menu.

Common Code Library



  • Resource files packaged into PK3s in the installed file tree.
  • Source code directory structure reorganized. New modular structure separates the components of the project (engine, games, plugins) cleanly, allows defining a strict public API, and is generally more future-proof.
  • Moved all console command and console variable help strings to external files (e.g., cphelp.txt) which are read at runtime.


File system

  • Even better protection against file name conflicts in detecting which files have been already loaded (using MD5 hashes).
  • Removed a fixed limit of files that can be loaded.
  • Removed a fixed 64 file limit in WAD initialization.


  • Much improved mouse filtering for smoother mouse movement.


  • Map load times have been further reduced.
  • Re-implemented the entire threading system to utilise SDL threads on all platforms, and make it 64bit clean. –Yagisan


  • HUD weapons sprites are now lit similarly to world sprites.
  • It is no longer necessary to manually reset textures when changing cvars affecting texture_quality, either via the console or the doomsday_control_panel.
  • Removed a fixed limit on the number of frames in wall/texture animations defined via ded group definitions. The previous limit was 64.

Mac OS X

  • Made sure MP3 music works in OS X with QuickTime.
  • The distribution .dmg has a much improved appearance.

New features


  • Added MF3_NOINFIGHT: mobjs give this flag cannot be in-fought with by any other mobjs.
  • state flag “statef_fullbright”: if set, a mobj in this state is rendered full-bright.
  • state flag “statef_noautolight”: if set, a mobj in this state (that also has the “statef_fullbright” flag set) will NOT receive an automatically calculated light and halo. This does not affect manually defined, light definitions.




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