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This article describes how the snowberry Settings tab operates.

Browsing setting categories

You start managing settings by selecting the Settings tab, as shown in picture 5.1. The settings are grouped by category. You can see the setting categories in a vertical list. There are seven categories: Display, Graphics, Sound, Input, Developer, Addons and Game. The Game will be replaced by Snowberry category when the Default profile is chosen.

In Developer category you can change the memory usage of the game, set the message verbosity and give some custom options for the game.

Under the Addons category there is another list of Addons which are selected in the Addons tab [4.1] to the profile that is currently active. Here you can do changes to addon-specific settings.

The Game category is for choosing game component and the game data file for the currently selected profile.

Some settings will be disabled until another setting has been given a specific value. For example, the settings for configuring the width and height of the game window are disabled until you have selected the display resolution marked Custom. This prevents you from making conflicting selections in the settings. In the case of range type settings the text in the text field will remain red until it is inside the minimum and maximum restrictions.

From context menu behind the Play button you get a dialog listing the command line options. These are based on the options selected at the moment.

Setting types

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