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md2tool is a command line utility for processing md2 and dmd model files.

### md2tool v1.2.0 by Jaakko Keränen <> ###

Usage: md2tool [-flip] [-renorm] [-dsk] [-s <skinfile>]
       [-skin <num> <skinfile>] [-del <num>]
       [-delframes to|from|<num> <num>] [-delskin <num>]
       [-skinsize <width> <height>] [-gl] [-info] [-create <framelistfile>]
       [-md2] [-dmd] [-savelod <num>] [-lod] [-ef <num>] [-op <num>] [-tcmap]
       [-mg] [-fn <filename>] [-weld] [-weldtc] model[.md2|.dmd] ...

-create     Create an empty model based on a frame list (each line specifies
            a frame name, empty lines are skipped, comments begin with ; ).
-del        Delete one frame.
-delframes  Delete a range of frames.
-delskin    Delete one skin.
-dmd        Save model as DMD.
-dsk        Set skin zero to the default skin name (model name + PCX).
-ef         Set error factor for mesh optimization (default: 1.0).
-flip       Flip triangles. Automatically builds GL commands.
-fn         Change the name of the model file.
-gl         Build GL commands.
-info       Display model information.
-lod        Generate detail levels (automatically saved as DMD).
-md2        Save model as MD2 (the default).
-mg         Display triangle groups in the texture coordinate map.
-op         Set the number of mesh optimization passes.
-renorm     Calculate vertex normals.
-s          Set skin zero.
-savelod    The level to save when saving as MD2 (default: 0).
-skin       Set the specified skin.
-skinsize   Set skin dimensions.
-tcmap      Display texture coordinate map when optimizing.
-weld       Weld vertices (only for models with one frame).
-weldtc     Weld texture coordinates (removes all duplicates).


md2tool is included in the Doomsday distribution packages. 1.9.10

Mac OS X: The installation location is:


Source code

The source code is available in the Doomsday Git repository.

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