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Add-on manifest for jDRP 1.01

# This manifest contains metadata for jDRP 1.01.

name: jDoom Resource Pack
component: game-jdoom

language english (
  version: 1.01
  summary: 3D models and special effects for jDoom
  author: Daniel Swanson et al.

  readme = "The jDoom Resource Pack represents many years' worth of
work. Several people have contributed 3D models, skins and particle
effects. <p>Note that <tt>jDRP.ded</tt> must be included within the
addon package. Since this manifest is for the ZIP version of jDRP,
the DED file is included by default."

# Implicit options are always in effect if the addon is loaded.
implicit load-options (
  option: -file }Data/jDoom/jDRP.pk3 -def }Defs/jDoom/jDRP.ded
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