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This page explains how to load 3D models and other enhancements using command line options (in Linux).

Assuming Doomsday (deng) is installed in /usr/local/share/deng, and my WAD files in ~/wads/, do the following:


  1. Download the jDoom Resource Pack (jDRP) from the deng project page.
  2. Place the jDRP.pk3 file in /usr/local/share/deng/Data/jDoom/
  3. Place the jDRP.ded file in /usr/local/share/deng/Defs/jDoom/
  4. Use the -file option to load the PK3.
  5. Use the -def option to load the DED. At the moment the jDRP requires manually loading a DED file called jDRP.ded.

So, the command line that does the job could be:

  • */usr/local/bin/doomsday -g jdoom -file ~/wads/doom.wad -def }Defs/jDoom/jDRP.ded -file }Data/jDoom/jDRP.pk3**

Note: The “}” is really that way.

There is a related question in the FAQ: “How can I play without KickStart?”.

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