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The focus of Beta 6 is on updating API usage to the latest version Doomsday. The other main goal is improvements to multiplayer, both in getting rid of gameplay glitches and introducing new features to make multiplayer games more enjoyable.

Planned changes and new features

  • Update texture/flat management to the new unified scheme used by Doomsday.
  • Multiplayer improvements:
    • Map rules: display in the HUD with a big, easy-to-see font.
    • Utlize new common code library voting system.
    • Show player names in HUD, above the player mobjs.
    • Show player list in co-op (with player health).

Planned fixes

The following planned fixes are listed in a rough order of priority. Beta 6 will include as many of these as we can implement in the allotted time.

  • More multiplayer fixes.
    • See your own chat messages in the HUD.
    • Chat input should not overlap HUD messages.
    • Firing weapons must be clientside: damage to other players.
      • Spawn missiles on clientside, exclude source player in deltas.
    • Use

      when a client plays a sound locally, but the server should make sure the sound is heard by all others as well. Weapon firing action functions (should be mostly OK).

  • Fix demo recording and playback.
    • View angle handling/filtering.
    • Non-animation of psprites.
    • SIGSEGV - Attempting to create new local players during demo playback.
    • Clients should record local effects and objects into demo files (e.g., particle effects, HUD animations).

Completed Work

New Features

  • Support BOOM line special id 85: Scroll textures on this linedef to the right, one world unit per tic.
  • Added hud-face-ouchfix:cvar Compatibility option to enable/disable the fix for the HUD, OUCH face bug which prevented it from being visible under normal gameplay.


  • Crushing sectors could not be reactivated once stopped (
  • Using the auto-hiding HUD; it would be hidden when not running in full-screen mode.
  • Using the auto-hiding HUD; it would be hidden instantly when changing from a windowed mode to full-screen. The HUD auto-hide timer is now reset during this change.
  • Flying creatures would rise/fall, tracking the player even when a camera.
  • Handling of the compatibility option, “neverhangoverledges” was inverted. This meant that the default behavior was that of BOOM and not DOOM. For example, the sergeants in E1M1, below the armor in the room with the twin tech pillars; were able to climb the stairs to get at the player.
  • Support for DOOM v1.09 save games was broken.


  • Updated to the latest version of the common code library.
    • Save game functionality was introduced, which is now utilized by jDoom.
    • Automap functionality was introduced, which is now utilized by jDoom.
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