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Package tags

Package tags are used for categorizing and flagging packages. It is important to define valid and complete tags for each package because this helps users find the right ones, and allows the engine to treat packages appropriately.

With the exception of the tags listed below, you are free to use any combination of letters, numbers and underscores as a tag. A tag cannot contain space characters.

Reserved tags

The following tags are reserved for Doomsday's internal use and should not be normally used in packages:

Tag Description
core Used for engine resources and other data required for the normal operation of the games. These are not shown in the client's package browsing UI, and are usually always loaded as mandatory packages.
gamedata Used for data files like the game IWADs. These are not shown in the client's package browsing UI.
loaded The package is currently loaded. This tag cannot be used in package metadata, it gets automatically set when the package is loaded.

Special tags

Tag Description
hidden Package is not shown in the UI unless “hidden” is one of the search terms provided by the user.
dev For development purposes.

Game tags

Doomsday will try to automatically guess which game a package is meant to be used for, however you can also manually use these tags in the package metadata. This will override any automatically guessed tags.

Tag Description
doom Package is intended for Doom 1 or Ultimate Doom.
doom2 Package is intended for Doom 2 or Final Doom.
heretic Package is intended for Heretic.
hexen Package is intended for Hexen.
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