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This article lists the name prefixes used in the doomsday source code. The most abstract class in each category is marked with an asterisk (*).


Prefix Meaning
CP Control Panel
DD (*) Base-level/general (Doom to the 2nd power)
DED ded file handling
Def Definitions (don't use “DD”)
MPI Multi-Player (User) Interface
Plug plugin
UI User Interface
Z memory_zone
W wad


Prefix Meaning
B bindings
Con (*) console (a.k.a., the future brains of the engine)

System (general interface to the OS)

Prefix Meaning
Dir Directory/filename handling
DM Low-level Music driver (Windows Multimedia, FMOD)
DS Low-level Sound driver (DSound+EAX, A3D)
F File access (input)
I Input
N Low/system level networking (TCP/IP)
Sys (*) System (e.g. timing, Windows console; Win32 API access)
SW Startup window

Network and communications

Prefix Meaning
Cl Specific to Client
Demo Specific to demos
Msg Network message handling
Net (*) General (high level) networking
Sv Specific to Server

Playsim & game world

Prefix Meaning
Arc Archiving (savegames, for the future)
P (*) Playsim, playworld (“laws of physics”)
PO Poly Object


Drawing views of the world; built on top of refresh.

Prefix Meaning
C Clipper (engine-internal)
DL Dynamic Lighting (engine-internal)
H Halos (lens flares, engine-internal)
PG Particle Generator
Rend (*) Renderer
RL Rendering List (engine-internal)

Refresh and resource management

Prefix Meaning
R (*) refresh/Resources (handling of textures, models, etc.)
SB Shadow Bias
SBE Shadow Bias Editor

Graphics (drawing routines, DGL)

Prefix Meaning
FR Font Renderer (engine-internal)
GL (*) Graphics Library (simple drawing routines, textures)
PCX pcx handling
PNG png handling
TGA targa handling


Prefix Meaning
Chn Channel in the Sfx module
S (*) Sound and Music (high-level interface, exported)
Sfx Sound Effects module
Mus Music module


Prefix Meaning
Arg Command line arguments (no underscore)
bams Trigonometry with binary angles (no underscore)
M (*) Miscellaneous utilities (don't fit in any other category)
NP node_pile
Str Dynamic strings
U Utilities (other “pure” utils, not DD specific)
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