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Text (DED)

Defines a text string.

Do not change the order of existing Text definitions; always add new definitions to the end of the list. This is because Games access strings using the index numbers of the strings, and the indices are assigned based on the order of the Text definitions.

   ID = "DD_STRNG";
   Text = "Example string";



Identifier of the text string.


The string itself. Backslash (\) is used as an escape character: \n = newline. Quotes (“) must be escaped or the parser will think the string ends (“Say \”Hello!\”“). The string can be divided onto multiple lines, in which case the parser will skip to the first non-space character of the next line when it encounters an end of line. For example the following two strings are identical:

"This is a long

"This is a longstring?"

The escape sequence \_ translates to a normal space character, so these two strings are also identical:

"This is another long

"This is another long string."
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