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Music (DED)


  Id = "";
  Lump = "";
  Ext = "";
  File = ""; 
  File Name = "";  
  CD track = 0;


The ID of the song. Used to call the song in game (i.e. the console command “playmusic “ID here””). There is no limit on length, spaces etc.


If the track is to be taken from a wad, simply enter its name here. Naturally if you intend to use an external music file, you don't need to have this field in the definition.

Lump/Ext/File Name

There is only need for one of these fields in a definition (they are just alternate names accepted by Doomsday). If you intend to use a music lump from a wad, you don't need to have any of these fields in the definition.

The first example can be used to load an external music file of any format supported by FMOD from anywhere on your hard drive. The second example is how to load said file from within your Doomsday folder. Obviously all mod makers will use the second example because the Doomsday folder itself is the only thing that won't change from system to system.

CD Track

CD audio, track number.


  Id = "E1M1";
  Lump = "D_E1M1";
  Id = "MAP01";
  Ext = "music/songname.mp3";
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