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Low-level image filtering

The Doomsday 2 file system supports basic image filtering operations. This means that image files associated with assets can be modified when they are loaded. The mechanism works with all assets.

To apply a filter operation, the following syntax is used:


For example:

path = "images/heights.png/HeightMap.toNormals"
  • File path is: images/heights.png
  • Filter operation is: “HeightMap.toNormals”

It is also possible to chain multiple operations:

path = "images/heights.png/HeightMap.toNormals/Multiply:mask.png"

That would first load images/heights.png, then apply the heightmap-to-normals conversion, and finally multiply with images/mask.png.

Operation Description
Color.desaturate Desaturate colors of the image (convert to grayscale).
HeightMap.toNormals Convert a grayscale heightmap to an RGB normal map.
Multiply:(path) Multiply RGBA channels separately by the RGBA values from another image. (path) is relative to the first file.
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