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Plane material (XG class)

Class = plane_material

Changes the material of the referenced planes.


Prm Name Type Meaning
Ip0,Ip1 Target Ref,Target Num lpref,lprefd Reference to one or more planes.
Ip2 Texture Ref spref Spref to the new texture. Only sprefs that refer to planes can be used.
Ip3 Texture Num flat Name of the flat (texture) that will be used if Ip2 is spref_none.
Ip4 Red Delta Integer Offset to the red component of surface tint color [0…255].
Ip5 Green Delta Integer Offset to the green component of surface tint color [0…255].
Ip6 Blue Delta Integer Offset to the blue component of surface tint color [0…255].
Ip7 Change Color Integer If non-zero, the tint color of the surface will be changed. Otherwise the tint color won't be modified.


Line Type {
    ID = 5035
    Comment = "Turn floor into nukage below your feet when crossed"
    Flags = player_cross
    Flags2 = when_act | any
    Class = plane_material
    Count = 1
    Ip0 = "lpref_my_floor"
    Ip3 = "NUKAGE1"

When this line is crossed, the floor below you (lp0) will turn into the nukage material (lp3).

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