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What has been fixed?

There are multiple improvements to Snowberry. Bugs have been regarding addons handling and the user interface. A Menu button was added for less often needed features. The Snowberry preferences page can be accessed quickly by selecting *Menu* → *Preferences*.

!DeHackEd patches and DED files are now categorized in the Addons tree. A bug in WAD categorization was fixed, which prevented some WAD files from appearing in the tree.

Addons Manifests were added. A manifest defines metadata for an existing resource pack or addon that has no metadata. E.g., can be loaded directly (without extracting anything from it) if you install the ZIP and the [[manifest]] in Snowberry. If the manifest is in the same folder with the file it refers to, the manifest will be installed automatically.

The layout of the main window allows reducing the width of the window to any width.

New user interface preferences were added. Now the default behavior is that when the profile is changed, the Summary tab is shown. (The Summary is supposed to show all the important information about the profile.) This can be toggled in the preferences, though. There is also an option for using smaller profile icons (along with hiding the banner and the help panel; although I would recommend keeping the help panel visible, it shows important information about addons and settings).

Right-clicking the profile list now correctly changes the active profile in addition to showing the popup menu.

Fonts were tweaked on all platforms.

When *Play* is pressed a “Launching…” message will appear next to the button.

The appearance of information about the currently focused setting was improved. The help text appears as soon as the mouse cursor is over a setting.

When the Setup Wizard is visible, the main window isn't updated while the settings are set in the wizard. </noinclude>

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