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Runtime directory

The runtime directory is the place where Doomsday stores all files created at runtime, including saved game states, screenshots and logs.

Default location (2.0 →)

Default location (1.x)

The Snowberry front-end application determines the runtime folder when running Doomsday 1.x.

Platform Location
Windows 7-8, Vista C:\Users\<user-name>\Doomsday Frontend\runtime\
Windows XP C:\Program Files\Doomsday\Snowberry\Runtime\
Mac OS X 10.4-8 /Users/<user-name>/Library/Application Support/Doomsday Engine/runtime
Ubuntu /home/<user-name>/.doomsday
On some platforms this directory may be hidden by default (usually, an option to enable viewing of hidden directories exists in your file manager).

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