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Configuring Doomsday

Config files

Unix system-level config files

On Unix operating systems, Doomsday supports additional configuration files for various settings. These files can be used by users and by package maintainers to define the appropriate configuration for personal needs or for the needs of an OS distribution.

The configuration files /etc/doomsday/paths and ~/.doomsday/paths can be used to override the compile-time base and library directories, and specify the directory for IWAD files.

basedir: /opt/deng/share
libdir: /opt/deng/lib
iwaddir: ~/iwads/

The files /etc/doomsday/defaults and ~/.doomsday/defaults can be used to define various default values. (1.9.10 →)

audio fluidsynth {
    driver: pulseaudio

All of these configuration files use the Info syntax.

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