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This article explains the process used for creating release packages of the doomsday_engine on various platforms.

To create a release, you will need to check out the appropriate version/branch out of the deng svn_repository. At a minimum, the distrib, doomsday and snowberry directories are needed.


C:\deng\trunk\distrib\> **dorel.bat**

This batch file will package Snowberry, rebuild the PK3s, recompile Doomsday and all the plugins, and finally create an Inno Setup installer into the packages subfolder. Note that the script assumes you have Inno Setup 5 installed in C:\Program Files\Inno Setup 5.

Linux, Unix, Mac OS X

In Unix-like OSes, Doomsday is compiled with CMake.

  • You should run cmake within an empty directory you've created yourself. For example:

$ cd doomsday

$ **mkdir mybuild**
$ **ccmake ..**
$ **make**
*  In the Snowberry root folder, run the **** script, specifying the version of the release package.
$ **./ 1.9.0**

This will result in a compressed disk image being written to the images subfolder.

NOTE: Check the script for the location where the application bundles are copied from. By default it is doomsday/mybuild.

SourceForge File Releases

Team members will upload the new release to file release system.

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